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  • hello

    i am looking to produce a game similar to snakes and ladders with

    • turn based play (maybe networked if possible so can be played by two remote players)
    • grid layout
    • move to grid square based on dice roll or similar numeric value
    • detect image on some grid square
    • if TRUE then grab and display random card from array of cards (no repeat)
    • repeat 4 times until victory
    • show input box to allow text input using the 4 cards as inspiration
    • test is emailed to an address

    i cannot find an explanation of how to do this and am prepared to pay someone if they can help me to accomplish this as i assume some of you guys sell your skills

    If anyone can advise that would be very helpful!

  • I can help you making this game.

  • I can help you making this game.

    dop is the best!

  • ok thanks

    i am going to put together a rough wireframe / storyboard when i have the requirements confirmed (next week) and then will get in touch using your email address if that is ok? i would like to be taught how you come up with the solution so i can learn the skill myself.

    Let me know if that sounds ok?



  • Sure, no worries!

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  • Hello Dop!

    sorry for the delay but i have had to work on other things. Anyway i have put a basic spec together and i would like you to quote on building this. Its for a charity so just very basic and simple would be good as i dont think its too complex. Dont worry about the graphics its just the basic game play.If you could also maybe quote to just describe to me what i should be doing (like a tutorial)then that would help as i could build some of it myself.

    I used to be a developer and i think i could figure it out if i had time (something to do with Tile-maps ect?) but i am working on a web site so dont really have time.

    Anyway if could share with your email address that would be good.

    Hope to hear from you soon


  • Hello

    i have sent that to your gmail address.

    Look forward to your reply



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