Slow Work Flow, "Add behavior" and "Add Variable"

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  • When you click to add a new game object, a dialogue opens that is focused. Without clicking anything, you can simply type the type of object you want to add and hit enter. This is fast and should be the model for how other dialogues behave.

    This contrasts with adding behaviors and variables to an object, which don't follow the same flow. After clicking either of those you have to then click into the new popup window. The dialogue should already have a button that is autofocused so you can just hit enter, type in the of the behavior and enter, but it doesn't.

    Instead, you have to use the mouse longer than is needed, click more than is needed, and travel the length of the screen. This makes creating objects and adding needing behaviors tedious for no reason.


  • I would also add there are many tedious things about adding variables or behaviors to game objects. Adding alot, making changes, removing them etc... So tedious I usually create new behaviors to add variables in bulk when I need many. At that point I usually just switch to unity, because scripting in unity is faster than making new behaviors...

  • Bad idea. What If It don't want to add new var or behavior? What if I want to check or delete? No thank you. The way it is works now is perfectly fine. I'd rather watch them fixing bugs and adding more awesome features instead of fixing something that isn't broken

  • I don’t see how it’s a bad idea. Providing automatic focus on a new pop up window seems like what always should happen.

  • I don’t see how it’s a bad idea. Providing automatic focus on a new pop up window seems like what always should happen.

    Isn't it already autofocused after you click the "add" button? I mean it already follows exactly the same logic, the only difference being one extra step, which is the edit window itself. I can only agree that "add new" button should be autofocused. Sorry for misunderstanding if that's what you guys ment

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  • I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant. But no worries. It’s early and I may be reading it wrong.

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