My six Construct 3 questions

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  • Also absolute means unrestricted and also absolutely means unrestrictedly.

    #1: When will Construct 3 be buyable on Steam?

    #2: If Construct 3 is bought on Steam what will be absolutely all exporting possibilities someone can use the bought version of Construct 3 to export a game to?

    #3: Like #2: up above but not purchased on Steam?

    #4: Can a person who purchases Construct 3 either on Steam or elsewhere make a game to where in the game external resources can be loaded?

    #5: Where can I download Construct 3?

    #6: Will Construct 3 come with the ability to use codings?

    • Construct 3 won't be available on Steam
    • Yes, all export options will be available to anyone who has a plan - all included in one price. Absolutely no plans to charge more for exporters now or in the future.
    • Standalone version of C3 is planned - stay tuned.
    • Not planned directly in product - but you can write your own plugins and behaviours with Javascript
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  • #6: Will Construct 3 come with the ability to use codings?

    Still not exactly what you want, but you can also run custom Javascript using the Browser object.

  • you can download construct 3 , however it is a beta version. the beta version does not come with many limitations, other than the restriction on selling games and a 50 event limit. theres also a 2 layer limit, but theres things you can do to circumvent it, such as instead of dedicating a layout to your menu screen you can put a scroll to on a box off to the side of your level in a place which is non accessible. overall i think its an incredible software and worth the money.

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