I have signaling server file, how to setup it?

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  • How to setup it on my server ?

    Please give me a tutorial.

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  • I don't know how to set this up, but I saw on your other thread that you haven't learned some basics with the multiplayer plugin, like how to retrieve a game list and load it into a list - are you sure it's a good idea to jump to the expert level and setup a signalling server?

    I believe it requires you to be confident with intermediate/advanced networking - you need to essentially setup a server, along with configuring a few things to make sure the signalling server works perfectly for any type of peer that connects.

    Do you pay for dedicated hosting, or were you planning to try and do this on your home computer?

    How much experience do you have with computer networking? You say you have a server, so I'm guessing you have some knowledge?

    I replied in the other topic about this and I suggested using the official Scirra signalling server. I've been using construct around 10 years, and I often enjoy working on multiplayer stuff, and with all of that, I would still not buy a signalling server - I don't quite have a reason where I would buy it, even if my game had 1000 daily players connecting online, the free signalling server that Scirra provide would handle that easily.

    Buying the signalling server only has downsides in my mind - like it costs money to buy it, costs money to host it reliably, costs you time as you have to maintain it or troubleshoot your server if issues arise, costs you time learning about all of this when it's not essential to learn for game dev (although it's always good to learn new things, but there's SO MUCH to learn, are you sure you wanna learn about RADIUS and STUN and stuff? If so, good for you, knowledge is power!). All this stuff that costs money and time, is available for free from Scirra - if the Scirra signalling server goes down, sure you may feel panicked, but at least you have a knowledgeable team that are hosting the server and will fix it themselves, all for free.

  • Thanks, my friend . Your explanation was helpful and excellent. Honestly, here in Iran, due to sanctions and some filters, the connection with the Scierra server is sometimes encountered with problems. For this reason, I decided to rent a server and implement signaling on it. No, I do not have enough knowledge in this field, but one of my friends said that it is not too difficult. However, now that I hear what you have to say, I was a little hopless to do that. You are right , it seem be complex.

    By the way, did you say that Scierra Singling free server can handle up to how many players at a time? 1000, 10000 or more?

  • I see why you thought to buy the signalling server.

    Are you sure these are facts about Iran's Internet filters and such?

    I'm not aware of what sort of restrictions Iran (or any country) would have to Scirra's signalling server. I would also not understand why a server in Iran would be able to get around the sanctions and filters you mention.

    Are you able to open the multiplayer examples and successfully get ingame? Do you ever use "remote preview" when testing your games, as this feature uses Scirra's signalling server to connect, too.

    OK I might be exaggerating with the 1000's of players being connected, perhaps there is a limit to the number of connections (I'm not sure what the true limit is) but logically, the signalling server is doing even LESS work than a normal website does.

    When someone connects to the signalling server, the signalling server stores a tiny bit of data about the player that connects, such as their IP, what room they are joined to. That's it. Once you actually join a room and you are playing a game with someone, the signalling server doesn't handle ANY of the game data, it doesn't store how much health each player has, it doesn't store chat messages if you made a chat system, the signalling server simply keeps track of "who is connected" and nothing else.

  • I'm not sure. But in Iran, I can not connect to scirra server cingling. And it does not connect. My friend said maybe it's because of filtering. Iranian communications officials filter many sites, even for no compelling reason. I said maybe this is the reason for this problem.

    one question :

    So according to you, in the signaling server, the amount of hard drive and memory does not matter much and only the bandwidth is important for exchanging information?

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