Set color vs set hsl performance difference?

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  • What is the difference in performance between using set hsl vs using the newer built in set color feature from 2017. I'm curious but my bet is set color is using less performance but I'm not sure. I'm using this to set character skin tone and clothing colors both work the same I dont need the saturation and lighting is hsl?

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  • You can always make your own performance measurements.

    "Set HSL" sounds like a third-party effect (Construct only has "Adjust HSL"); in both cases the effect runs entirely on the GPU, and they're very good at it, so it will probably be hard to measure a difference either way. The only real difference is any shader using HSL will have to perform HSL-to-RGB conversion at some point, which takes quite a lot of calculations, but the architecture of GPUs generally means they spend so much time waiting for memory access that there's a lot of time to spend doing calculations, so it probably still doesn't make much difference. I guess it might save a bit of power.

  • Sorry yes I meant "Adjust HSL" and thank you for the response Ashley. I did test it just for fun and yes there is absolutely no noticeable difference unless you consider 0.1% of CPU a big change I dont, and that was with testing multiple sprites using the effects both fairly large and small sprites. I'm in the final testing stages of my game and I just want to cover all my bases and now I realize how little CPU it actually uses amazes me but I never tested it prior.

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