How to set a animation frame with it going back to zero.

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  • Hey guy...

    Statement/question is,

    I have created a array to creat a select screen for different characters.

    Each animation in the array have two animations. One crossed out and one not.

    So to creat my array I used nothing but X.

    I used a every ticl to be able to make my selection screen move.

    I am able to make the frame change.. but my issue is.. I am using a every tick to go threw the array and the every tick is set to Animation Frame.

    So when I click on the object I want to change the animation to. And then switch to look at the other objects. It witch back to its first frame.

    I need the object to say on frame one not 0. After its been selected.

    Does anyone know how to fix this or a better way of doing this without have a lot of sprites on off to the side. And setting them up on destroy spawn a new one.

    I like the way the system is now. Other then the issuse that I am running into. Can anyone give me any ideas.. if this is hard to fallow I'll try and post a image or a small vid to help explain what I am trying to say a bit better.

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  • This looks like something where you didn't need to use an array. I can't work out what you mean from the description though, maybe you could draw it or share something?

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