Is there a way to make selecting objects in a cluttered scene easier?

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  • Hey, so I'm finding it a bit challenging when I have a lot of objects overlapping in one area (top-down iso style) and want to select and move things around. Right now it feels like it could be a bit more streamlined. While tab+click works to select objects below other objects, as soon as you try to move it with the mouse, it automatically selects the top item in the z-order again. At the moment, the only way I know of moving these objects is by using the arrow keys which is a lot slower than dragging with the mouse.

    The other thing that's getting me is that clicking on a sprite's transparent space selects that object. I can understand why this is the case, but it can make selecting objects frustrating if clustered together (and I need to leave extra space around certain sprites due to a wind effect, which exacerbates this issue).

    Is there a key or something that can be held down when dragging a selected object that will prevent the selection resetting?


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  • You can make use of layers and lock them

  • well yeah, I know that, but I'm not going to go creating a bunch of layers for instances of the same type.

  • After selecting the object, some options include shift+arrow keys to move them faster, or just type in the coordinates in the properties.

  • shift+arrow keys to move them faster.

    This is what I needed! Thank you.

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