are seamless music transitions possible in C3?

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  • Something that is very cool but not used that often are seamless audio transitions, where the base track continues playing across different scenes, but the accompanying instruments change according to the specific layout or event.

    The city of Woodtick in MI2 is a great example of this:

    So I wondered, would this ever be possible in an engine like C3? I'm not talking from a programming point of view, but more so the limitations of streaming music to the scene. Am I correct in thinking that music begins streaming after a layout is loaded, potentially making it impossible to predict when each track will begin (in turn making it impossible to sync different tracks)?


  • The solution would be to start to play all the songs at once with tags, and only the music you need at volume 0db and the others musics at -60db;

    When changing zone, fade out the volume of the current music and at the same time fade in the volume of the new music

  • I did it in my game on construct 2 and now in 3.

    I took it even further, besides the main rhythm tracks, each object has it's own sample that plays in different rates(pitch) and the movement and sfx are synced to the music track.

    Also the tempo changes based on your location.

    And it's all DT based.

    I made a counter for the timing and function that syncs everything to that timer.

    All audio are initially played together and the volume/pitch/tempo changes based on events.

    It was quite a lot of work, but a fun thing to experiment with.

    P.S, I totally forgot, the drums here are also pretty cool, its samples of a kick, a snare and some cymbals, and the played patterned are all event based, I always wanted to add more drum fills, but never got to it.

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  • Headbang Games That's pretty nifty.

    Also, for anyone interested, I found this excellent tutorial that goes into this topic on depth and provides example files:

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