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  • Hello..

    First please read this topic it is short.

    now those things that i am trying to implement in the scrolling menu is actually what is expected and what is habitual from a scrolling menu.

    so as i mentioned in that topic, it is something that is supposed to be done whenever your implement things for touch controllers, why i should think about how to implement them?, it should be as a plug-in, if i used touch object, then surly i need to implement a UI for touch controllers such as scrolling menu.

    So thinking about how to make a scrolling menu work, is something that should not bother me when i use construct3, cause from what i understand, Construct should handle this kind of things for us, so that we focus on our game logic.

  • Sure, focus on how the logic of how your menu works. It's pretty simple really.

    They can't make a plug that does every kind of scrolling menu.

    They can't make a plug for every way a scrolling menu works.

    If you want something specific in a plug, use the sdk, or have some third party make it.

    You don't need a plug to do it. You just need to know how.

    Yes I will agree that it's super annoying to set up.

  • ok, my complaint is about the menu itself, what is in it is the developer problem.

    what i want is the basic funtucaluty of a scrolling menu to be provided, just like unity in the video provided.

    If it is simple and does not need a plug-in or whatsoever, then howabout they make an example to show it in Construct start menu?.

    if it is simple please teach me, cause i am a newbie.

    you said that they can't make a plugin for every way a scrolling menu works, there is no need for that! just make one,

    if it does not fillfull your needs then you need to make one your self, just like all other things in Construct or any other engin.

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  • oh may, i searched in youtube and google and couldn't find anything,

    i didn't even think to search in Learn section!!!!!!!!!, i could have saved hours, maybe because it is not obvious.

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