Script Type keeps changing

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  • This means many of my old and not so old projects will stop working.

    Ashley Can you at least give us more time? You keep saying "contact the addon developer", but for lots of old addons it's not possible. People who created them have left the forum. And for some addons there are simply no alternatives.

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  • It's been about 4 months already. Sorry, I think that's long enough: if the issue won't be fixed in that time, I doubt it will be fixed with more time.

    I'm afraid that, restating what I said before, if nobody can be found to spend 10 minutes doing a trivial update for an addon, and not doing that will hold back progress of Construct for everyone and impose maintenance burdens on us - then I think we're better off having a clean break. This is why you should choose third-party addons carefully and make sure there's someone around who can support it. Besides, what if something else goes wrong, like the next Safari update breaks the addon? You're completely stuck with a broken project again. Software needs maintenance.

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