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  • Today I opened the C3 and loaded several projects of my C2 and I have something to say: awesome. I did the build for android in the cloud and ... it worked! I tested NW.js and it worked perfectly.

    I was one of the top critics of C3 and totally disbelieving in the future of software. Then you must be asking what made me change my mind.

    Scirra released the full C3 for testing and as a developer and heavy user I´m able to test the many functions that in my opinion were the most critical points.

    But why did not Scirra do "right" at the beginning? Because this unnecessary strategy with the company image and leave angry users (like me) who use the software from the outset (use since 2011!).

    Technically the company is to be congratulated! But this launch strategy was a disaster and left people like me, pissed off and thinking about adopting other dev tools.

    As soon when Scirra opens the software signature contains with me. I liked of C3 with all features.


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