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  • So I'm kinda ready to make the jump to C3

    I know security has been discussed and you have said you dont keep user files etc (even for cloud build / export manger?)

    but there is one thing really bugging me ...

    Some / all? Scirra/Construct employees will have full admin access to our accounts.

    That means full access to our source c3p files stored on cloud.

    Is this correct ?

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  • It's either stored in your account on Dropbox etc., or in you browsers webstorage aka locally.

    The only thing you would upload to them is an export for mobile compile.

  • It's either stored in your account on Dropbox etc., or in you browsers webstorage aka locally.

    The only thing you would upload to them is an export for mobile compile.

    Yes so any Scirra employee who has access to your Scirra account has access to your Construct 3 account (its the same account) and thus has access to your Drop box / Drive (through C3)

    So has access to your source files.

  • Each new device will prompt you to log into the cloud service (i.e Google Drive) - simply logging into your C3 account wouldn't give you this kind of access

  • No.

    You give the app (C3) permission to use your cloud accounts via api's made by the services.

    At no point does anyone at Scirra have access to anything other than your account at scirra.

    Your account at Scirra has nothing to do with any other company, or account.

    Scirra has no information other than the login for them, your account standing, and possibly meta information such as time spent at their site.

  • newt yea but my thinking was that once you give C3 full drive / drop box permissions then anyone with access to your C3 account will have access to your cloud C3ps

    but Elliott, you are saying that a new device would prompt full login request and further prompts to grant permissions again for that device.

    this is reassuring.... and makes sense

    edit - i dont have another device to test but I logged into C3 using edge on the same computer and it asked for logon and permissions so it is even browser specific. so it looks like its a local thing ... cool

    .... all good I think then????

    another edit (sorry ill stop now)

    but when I look in Google Drive app permission settings it simply says that Construct 3 has access to Google Drive.

    So doesn't this apply everywhere ???

    are we sure it is machine / browser / ip specific ???

  • Scirra staff have no access to your cloud accounts. We don't want access either, since this would be an obvious privacy and security problem.

    Construct 3 itself gains access to a subset of your cloud account, because it has to in order to save any files there. When you log in to your cloud account you'll grant access for C3 itself, on that device only, to read and write your projects to your account. (Depending on the service, this is sometimes just a subfolder on your account, with no wider access.) However this is simply so the cloud save functionality can work, and does not mean any Scirra staff have any access at all to your account.

  • Thanks Ashley (and all) for clarifying,

    apologies for being a bit of a noob.

    Im looking fwd to making the switch to C3


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