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  • Thanks for the latest version of Construct 3. The work is very much appreciated.

    I'm playing around with the awesome new Scene graph feature and trying to figure out what the advantages are of it over Pin.

    So far, I can see:

    1. You can scale objects based on the parent

    2. You don't need to add the pin behaviour, as parent / child are built in

    3. The lag issue in pin has been fixed

    I saw the skeleton example, which looked a lot like the type of things you do in Spriter etc.

    But what are the other pros of scene graph over the 'old' pin? Pin got pretty advanced in it's old age, with angle, x,y etc.

    EDIT: Starting to get it more now. If I create a character with say two legs, you can't rotate the legs independently using pin. But with scene graph, the children can move like they do in the skeleton example.

    EDIT 2: The scaling of sprites connected with scene graph is awesome!



  • I think one big advantage is the ease of picking parent or child objects.

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  • Hi Dop2000, yeah hadn't thought of that one. Thanks!

    Started using this in my games today and it's proving really useful.

    Even not having to add the PIN behaviour is a huge improvement. And I don't have to unpin -> move something -> repin any more.

    Construct is just incredible. :D

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