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  • Hello. I would like to know if the scene graphic is used to create those multi-articulated heads made up of several pieces of sprites, very used at the time of the mega drive and snes, in games like r-type, axelay, etc. I looked for this subject on how I could do it in the construct but I didn't find it, and when I saw this new feature I thought if it would be the case.

  • DiegoM

    If I create 2 hierarchy of same object then on "Create object" action when I tick "create hierarchy" then how can I choose which hierarchy to be created. there should a tag or name system for each hierarchy So we could create hierarchy with names or tags

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  • Hi everyone,

    I wonder if anyone came across an issue I'm having and maybe can give some advice.

    I made a skeleton with hierarchy and I'm trying to create some animations with the sine behavior.

    The sine is just controlling the angle of the bones.

    When I change animation, I set all the bones angle to 0 the cycle position to 0, then I set the parameters I need for each bone (period, magnitude and cycle position).

    Now the issue is that even though I'm calling the same function that sets the exact same values, every time I'm getting different results.

    After about the 5th time I call the same animation I will get the actual 0 angle and right offsets. (you can see in the last animation of the first part of the video, I'm setting it to idle a few times, then eventually it get's locked and stay on the right angle.

    Now if I add repeat 5 (less than that won't work) times on the set animation function (see second part of the video), it will always switch to the right angle and offset.

    I'm cracking my head against the wall here, but I just can't figure out why this happens.

    I can use the repeat as a work around, but I would really like to know what I'm doing wrong.

    I can share a c3p file if needed.

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  • Turns out it's a matter of actions ordering.

    set angle to 0 after setting the cycle position fixed the issue.

  • DiegoM If I have 2 instance of the same object "objA" and I set "objB" as a child to the first instance of "objA" then "objB" is created in runtime but if I set "objB" as a child of second instance of the "objA" instead of first instance then runtime never create "objB" in the runtime.

  • DiegoM

    Will tile map object support scene graph at some point ?

    Thank you.

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