What is scene graph?

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  • Saw there are some topics about new feature called scene graph and thought, how I would see it?

    Firstly, I think the name scene graph is what timeline is, so i rename the feature now on to Fixset.

    So what is Fixset? It's predefine object group with relative coordinate system.

    How does it work?

    Object group that can be prebuilt and created durning runtime, with all properties it had assigned before and ability to modifie each object seperatly inside group relative system.

    1. Build

    User can prebuild hierarhy of objects inside layoutview and define object group relative connections by custom imagepoints.

    • User can select and drag objects into group
    • User can set each object connection points
    • User can prebuild object group and define custom properties for each object.
    • User can define parent and child objects inside object group

    Example image of object group inside Fixset feature. Each object can be predefine with custom properties and relation between other objects. Even body element is child to global Fixset properties, so body can also be destroyed if needed.

    2. Use

    Fixset object can be created durning preview and keeps all predefined settings from build phase.

    • User can create and destroy Fixset object
    • User can save and reuse previous Fixset state, or default state
    • User can change child object properties: like angle,size while keeping other properties relative to group
    • User can change imagepoint connections or swap them between child objects
    • User can change parent object properties indepenently from rest of the group, while still keeping other setting relative to global Fixset properties and its childs.
    • User can assign parent state to some child object
    • User can delete each fixset object seperatly or create them back


    User can select and rotate child object.

    User can redefine parent object to child and then rotate everything else around it.

    User can change multiple child object properties same time: position and rotate them, while keeping object still relative to body element

    Fixset benefits.

    Add easy way to maniplulate group of objects.

    Simplifies object group relative handling.

    Create and delete predefine object group.

    Load and save old object group settings.

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