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  • Two years ago, i bought Construct 2 and i had massive troubles with it. And i got my money back after 1 - 2 Weeks! Thank you very much again for this then! But Today i understand, that this was NOT a Problem from Construct 2. This was a problem of my own!! With the release of Construct 3 i realized, what a great Product "Construct" is! I tested it as a free version and what shall i say?! I LOVE IT ! As soon as i have some money, i will buy the Full Version! Until today, i made several Games with "Stencyl" you may also know

    YouTube Video of my last Game for iOS and Android:



    My Other Games: synthek-design.blogspot.ch/p/blog-page.html

    But this text here is not an advert for me or my work. It's here to say THANK YOU for Construct!

    Because with Construct i can look in a new future .... You have to know, i stopped to made games because of my mental health ! I worked so hard over many years, and had not a single success... This brougt me to a burnout (my second in a row between several years). I tought that i will never ever made a new game again. Until today! But Today i feel new power, new curiosity, i have new ideas i feel stronger than last month. Construct gave me a new hope a new perspective in my life. I'm happy again !!

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