Saving A Dictionary within Dictionary

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  • Would it be feasible to save a dictionary(with changing values) "AsJson" as values for keys of another dictionary.

    I am wanting to do this so that i would finally get a single dictionary to ultimately save & Load with Local Storage.

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  • Sure, I do this all the time. I prefer to save one key in Local Storage, which is a dictionary that keeps different variables, as well as different other dictionaries/arrays as JSON strings.

  • Data from the BinaryData, JSON, Array, Dictionary and XML plugins can all be nested within each other, provided you know the correct transformations. This of course makes them compatible with the localstorage plugin as well.

    The "procedural terrain generation" example project uses JSON to store data for zones of the terrain, converts it to a string then places it into a Dictionary. The keys for the Dictionary are based on the location so they can be easily looked up and replaced.

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