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  • Hi there,

    Using C3 on latest MacOSX in Chrome, mainly.

    I'm finding that saving to cloud takes an extremely long time - it takes forever to get a 'list of files' as the dialog states.

    Saving to browser works quickly but retrieval is a bit haphazard.

    Save to hard disk is clunky, slow and prone to easy duplication.

    When will we just be able to save a file on the hard drive and work from it like in a normal desktop application?

    On that note, when is the desktop version going to be available (which will no doubt make file saving easier).


    (Incidentally, am a big fan and am using it for a BA Games Design course I run, so genuinely interested and not just complaining!).

  • Saving to browser works quickly but retrieval is a bit haphazard.

    What do you mean by this? If you grant persistent storage permission, it should be a reliable place to keep projects. We're also working on a cloud backup feature so it can cloud save periodically as well, protecting you against the case you deliberately go and clear all your storage.

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  • Hi Psynaptik, are you MrCreightonD on github? We had a user report this, but we haven't been able to replicate it and they've now gone silent. There's a few checks I want to make but I need someone who actually has this problem to check them for me, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    You can find the bug here

    Incidentally the update to backup feature will be in r60, this will allow a project to periodically back up to a cloud service / browser storage depending on your choice.

  • Hi there,

    I'm not that user on github, so can't comment on that error I'm afraid!

    Ashley - cloud is preferable because I have a number of computers that I use inbetween work and home settings - hence I love the browser move from C2, but am puzzled by VERY slow saving in Google Drive. Local is great whilst you're in the flow of doing something, but not to transfer of course. Yes save a local copy to USB etc., but thought I'd ask about cloud.

    I *would* try to save to my Dropbox instead (in case it's a Google side problem), but I can't find the option to make it default to Dropbox instead of Google Drive. I'm stuck on the LOOONG sign in GDrive screen.

    By 'haphazard', I mean I can't save into a neat file structure - it's all kind of hanging loose there. I like folders!

  • Psynaptik we've implemented a few things recently which should improve your experience a fair amount.

    r61 introduced caching to cloud saves, so now it doesn't need to request a file list every time you open the dialog. The cache lasts for the duration of the session, and can be manually updated by pressing the refresh button in the dialog. This can also be turned off in the settings if required.

    r64 introduced folders (finally). It's been a fair while coming, but hopefully this should make your folder saves a little less "haphazard"!

    This still doesn't really solve the "slow file list" issue, I marked the github issue as closed as the original reporter never got back to me on trying to improve the performance. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help with that, as it seems to be related to certain accounts so we can't replicate it.

    As for the "default" option issue, there isn't a default. It just shows whatever the last service you viewed, or the source of the current project.

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