Saved a game, parts of it no longer working.

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  • I'm very new to this engine and have no other experience in making games. This is one of the first few and simple projects I've worked on so please try to put up with my inexperience. I started working on a game about 2 days ago. The objective was to make it so when one object (The hawk) collides with another object (the mouse) the mouse is destroyed an you gain back your hunger which you lose over time. The mouse speed up over time making the game harder over time. Seconds survived is recorded. Here is what the event sheet looks like:

    Please let me know if there is anything wrong with what I made or if it’s a glitch. I remember it working before I had saved it and loaded it again.


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  • There is no image to see I'm afraid.

    Consider posting a link directly to your project at worst, if you can host it on an online file service like dropbox or google drive, or anything of the like.

    Also you should try to explain what exactly is happening and how it is different from what you expect.


    I hope this link works.. if not let me know how I can share. I'm new to this. Anyways, what went wrong was that when the mouse and hawk collide, it's supposed to destroy the mouse. Unfortunately, that's no what happens, and instead they go right through each other. Everything was working fine before I saved. After I saved and loaded the game again, this problem appeared.

  • Never mind. It was something wrong with what I made I think. The problem was solved. Thanks for taking interest.

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