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  • Hello,

    I cannot figure out where would be the Construct 3 Projects (.c3p) files are being physically stored? There should be some sort of a directory that I can find the files, say like the "cache" folder of my browser. I assume it has to be saved locally in my Browser's directory folder where it saves its databases, cookies etc. , that being, AppData folder in my Windows10 OS.

    I am using Opera Stable Chromium Browser by the way.


  • %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\

    I don't believe it is stored in a user designated format, so you won't be able to just grab a .c3p out of it. Not too familiar with it though so I could be wrong.

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  • It's actually saved to IndexedDB (a different subfolder), but as noted it's stored in an internal database format, so there's nothing much useful you can find in File Explorer.

  • Found it! : C:\Users\(DefaultUser)\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable\IndexedDB

    https_editor.construct.net_0.indexeddb.blob | 2.86 MB

    https_construct-arcade.com_0.indexeddb.leveldb | 127 KB

    https_editor.construct.net_0.indexeddb.leveldb | 83 KB

    https_preview.construct.net_0.indexeddb.leveldb | 32 KB

    https_account.construct.net_0.indexeddb.leveldb | 4 KB

    Therse are all of the Folders I could find related to Construct 3. The .blob folder is what I assume stores the data of my projects (the rest are Log files), but as I thought, they are scattered in numeral partitioned sub-folders. So, if I were to quickly migrate my Construct projects to another computer which supports the same, Chromium file integration, I may simply backup the "IndexedDB" folder. Rather than to, export all of my projects for downloading as .c3p file one-by-one. Sure, uploading to cloud is the most time efficient (not when Uploading!) and safe way undisputably but I never was keen on real-time saving files to clouds, especially in video games that use Cloud for saving progress -- it just demolishes my internet for 30 seconds as I have slow upload speed on my network. I digress.

    Although, backing up IndexedDB folder and importing to another computer may not works aswell (insert a computer-science pun here!), yet, I really do not want and need to test it out just now. Thanks for the information Ashley! You rock!

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