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  • Hi Everybody.

    a newbie here so my question will seem stupid for you, sorry for that.

    i have downloaded a template from Scirra store in order to work on it and modify it then upload it online, however i once i opened the project a message popped up about contsruct2 projects runtime compatibility with contstruct3 engine, i tried to change the runtime manually but because plugin WebStorage is not supported in C3 runtime this is not possible.

    i suppose that i have to change the web storage with local storage manually through out the project event sheets, is that correct?

    if yes would you please help a newbie to do that?

    i reappy appreciate your help.

    Thank you and stay safe everybody.

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  • This sounds like a very old template and I don't think it's too useful, rather than trying to alter that you should probably be starting from scratch with localstorage and saving some data that way. Ditch the template, look at local storage in the manual and post here if you need help with saving data.

  • "ditching the template" may not be a very good advice, there are plenty of game templates on Scirra store that are old, but still great. Just last week I helped to replace WebStorage in an old project, and I actually enjoyed playing that game.

    Rigel11 I advise you first familiarize yourself with the Local Storage plugin. Check the official templates and tutorials.

    The main difference between WebStorage and Local Storage is that WebStorage is synchronous, meaning that you can access any item from the storage immediately: Set level to WebStorage.LocalValue("currentLevel")

    Local Storage is asynchronous - you request an item, and then you have to wait for it to be retrieved. You need to use "Wait for previous action to complete", or "On item exists/get" events.

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