Save to Cloud/Browser local storage, no folders?

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  • To save/open you only see the files, there are no folders or way to organize them?

    I normaly have for each project more than 100 .capx, mainly because if i made some mistake or some thing not works and i can't go back i pick the lest version the project worked fine. So i keep the last 5 versions easy to pick and the others in an "old" folder.

    But now is a chaos, appears all the files in the list even projects i finished, all mixed :S

    Please, make a way to see the folders or something to organize all them better.

  • I also noticed this. I couldn't pick any folder for different projects when using cloud storage.

    I only tried Dropbox and OneDrive though. Would be great if you could create or pick subfolders.

  • I haven't tried cloud saving yet, but if that's the case, then I'm also in for managing subfolders.

  • Yeah folders are a must have. Also, since theres only ever going to be a few cloud services to choose from, how about a icon menu in the cloud box itself instead of having to open a dropdown to select a service?

  • Also when you save the project is saved in the main/index of the cloud service :S

    So when you saved he do it in a default site and when you try to load you see all the files ordered by last updated, all in the same list mixing .capx of all projects, tests or whatever.

    At least using GoogleDrive. Also i tried to save in Browser local Storage the file, after that i tried to search that files in my PC and nothing was found... So i have to download the project to have a real copy in my PC ¿? There is no way to save in my HD by default instead of "download copy"?, like the Browser local storage does?

  • Hi. I have the same problem.

    In the first time I've saved my project to root of Google Drive and then I've moved my project to subfolder. When I've tried to open file from the subfolder, the subfolder didn't show up in the window. How I can resolve it?



    After a couple refreshes C3 was found my project... Magic...

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  • Hi all, I'm the developer for the save system and I'm happy to answer any questions you have. I'll try to answer everything which has been asked here, but let me know if I missed anything.

    Firstly I'd like to mention that Google Drive behaves differently to Dropbox and OneDrive. All 3 services feature a "application mode" which gives an application access to a special folder on a users cloud storage specific to that application, instead of general storage. For user piece of mind this is obviously preferable. However, we decided that users should always be able to access their projects outside of the C3 editor, and unfortunately Google Drive does not allow this in when in "application mode". So we only use it for Dropbox and OneDrive.

    We are planning to implement folders, and some work has been done towards this for Google Drive. But it's still some way away. At the moment any file with a capx or c3p extension in your Google Drive will be visible in the Cloud Dialog regardless of if it's in a subfolder. So can in fact move the files into a subfolder using the Google Drive website, and when you attempt to save to it next it will stay in that subfolder. Any new project will be created at the root of the project.

    It's also worth noting that I'm currently hunting down a bug where either some or all files don't appear in the dialog when first shown. I'm not 100% sure what's causing this but I think it might be a problem on google's part. It can generally be fixed by clicking the refresh button at the top of the editor. It also stops once your Google Account session has "warmed up" for some reason, I only see it immediately after selecting an account ( this session lasts for an hour ).

    Finally matriax the Browser Local saves exist in a special database on your hard drive controlled by the browser, and they do not appear as files on your computer. It's not possible to get access to the normal filesystem via the browser ( for user security ). However, in the future we will be releasing a desktop variant of the editor that can access the normal filesystem so you can save locally.

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