Safe-use with Git / SVN and C3 (Desktop)

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  • Ashley

    I'm trying to use either Git or SVN with my team so that they can make levels while I continue working on code and such elsewhere.

    My thinking was that if they only work on existing layouts (adding, moving, modifying instances, etc.) and don't touch anything else or create any new objects, we'll be fine. Likewise, I will not touch they layouts they're working in, and instead do my work in separate testing layouts.

    However, it's sometimes necessary for them to create a new tilemap, tiledBG, or sprite, and I think we got a conflict from cloning a new object at one point, or adding it to sub-folder...not sure.

    So my question is, what should they avoid as to prevent conflicts in the .c3proj or elsewhere? Can they create new objects? New Layouts? New layers?

    A rundown on how C3 is compatible with version control software / best practices / what to avoid would be very helpful.

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