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  • Hey, Ashley. I recently sent a bug report on the github about a black screen in safari 12+, but I did not want to attach the source there. Now, after adding the warpObjMask effect, I get an error in the console and in chrome. I can personally send you the source in order to understand the problem. But I can not find your mail

  • Please see the bug report guidelines - it's by far quickest to deal with and most likely to result in a fix if you can provide a minimal project as the bug report guidelines suggest, and they include tips on how to reduce a large project to a small one. If you cannot follow the guidelines please note it may end up taking weeks or months of back and forth before we even understand the problem.

    If you absolutely cannot find a way to reduce the project and still reproduce the issue, please still file an issue following all the guidelines as closely as possible, but instead of attaching the project, email it to

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  • I added posts on github and sent you an email. Please check. Thank

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