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    So i created a game with we get the information that it isnt running on the internet explorer (11). After testing i could agree.....then i did a research and found the section, that construct3 isnt supporting ie 11.....say what?

    The newer engine isnt able to run games on an old browser? otherwise construct2 games running in edge....this is a huge fail in my oppinion. Not everyone has windows 10 or edge installed. I like all improvements of construct3 - but decreasing the available plattforms, the games can run on, is a big mistake. Why should i use c3 when i got less range than with c2? I dont get it... so now i have to take everything over into the older engine....

    best - a sad user

  • Doesn't using Explorer also make you sad?

  • Weren't this suppose to be in the C3 forum?

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  • Construct 3 itself does not work on IE11. However the games it makes should work fine on IE11. So it should not be a problem for publishing.

  • Wow why does "dramatic" posts get a faster feedback than all other posts i did...

    This post was pointing the fact, that the game i exported doesnt run on ie 11 - than i was searching and the result was, that c3 isnt running in ie 11 (i assoziated, that the game itself will not run, but if ashley says it works, than everything is fine.....after it will work) - my fault i get it wrong i guess...

    newt - not to work in - but the game i published does not work in ie 11. When iam playing this game it works in every browser, except ie 11 - thats what the post is about. But for our customer it is nessassary too.


    I didnt meant to run c3 in edge/or ie 11 - it depends on the game which doesnt run on ie 11. So are there special settings i would have to make to make this game run? The game runs fine in each other browser, except ie 11. I dont use plugins or anything else except lite tween and touch wrap in it... everything else are the standard behaviours from c3. Hopeflully i get you right, when youre saying it should run without problems in this browser.

    Is there a opportunity you could take a look at the project? I cannot determine the issue and why this game doesnt work. The problem i have is i cant make it public in the forum...


    my fault - sry


    It seems to be the pathfinding behaviour which isnt working on ie 11.....the whole game freezes, when it comes to init this behaviour.

    Thanks to Ashley, your answer, that it has to run on older browsers helped me a lot....otherwise i thought it is because of incompatibility......and the part on the scirra forum where you wrote, that c3 doesnt supports ie 11....but now we all now you meant the engine itself, not the games....

    my fault.

    Iam Happy again.

  • Web Workers should be working on Ie 11.

  • The runtime should work as far back as IE9 (in theory anyway, I doubt anyone tests a browser that old any more). If it doesn't, please file a bug following all the guidelines, as usual.

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