Rotate layer NOT at center?

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  • Is there any way to set the angle of the layer NOT around canter but at a different pivot point?

    this is not a scrolling game or anything alike, I just simply want to angle the layer 20 X degrees but around a different position other than centre.

  • You could try to set the parallax to 0 to all layers that should not rotate and set unbound scrolling to yes. Now use scroll to to the pivot point of the rotating layer and rotate the layer.

    I made a capx:

    You could do me a favor and look if you have also a horrible performance if import that capx into C3.

    It works very well in C2 but if I import in C2 the CPU usage is ver high.

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  • Asmodean

    Tried this as this was my first thought however it didn't work so I assumed it wasn't a way forward.

    I then tried a few examples similar from the forum to what you have done but when you load them into C3 they don't work...

    and unfortunately yours is the same, it is a C2 file and it appears C3 doesn't work, the "scroll to" just seems to get ignored.

  • Asmodean It works fine for me in C3, I'm getting about 9% CPU usage on my mid-range laptop.

  • dop2000

    The layer 100% rotates around a different X/Y in the example provided?

    It rotates but ALWAYS around center for me, even if I change the scroll to XY to something far away...

    what C3 version are you using?

  • Just to clarify, I want it to NOT be at the center of the screen/viewport.

  • Thanks dop2000. My GPU is now on Chrome's blacklist, that causes the problem.

    gibbon you are right the one layer rotates in the center of the other. But one layer can have the pivot point changed. I don't think there is another way with layers. You could make a sprite and pin all of your objects to it and rotate that sprite.

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