Rotatable drawing canvas?

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  • Why isn’t the drawing canvas rotatable?

    I’d like to be able to make an object by conbining lots of sprites. Rather than pinning or containing lots of objects together I should be able to paste them into one drawing canvas then use that as a sprite.

  • Looks like you can load it into a Sprite.

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  • There might a bug on the pasting, though. Check the bug reports section. And I personally tried doing it (spent 10+ hours). I think it's not currently possible to paste correctly into an object after resizing, which defeats the purpose for me (mobile game, that needs both portrait and landscape). And yes, I used all kinds of pixel ratio thingies in my calculations. What I'm doing atm, is I only have the game landscape mode, so all players need to have their devices in landscape mode to play.


    To clarify, think it was sprite action - load image from URL

    but like said, buggy.

  • I tried to edit to add to my previous post...

    Think it was sprite action - load image from url

    but like I said, buggy.

  • It's not rotatable mainly because some features involve a ton of really complicated transforms (e.g. pasting an object with effects), and adding rotation to this makes it even more complicated. It's already been tough to get right, and there are still some outstanding bugs (please file them if not already on the tracker), with pasting without rotation...

  • I checked out loading a Sprite by the save image of Drawing canvas, and it works, although it looks like the resizing options may be off.

    Be sure to use the asynchronous triggers that Drawing canvas offers. You are grabbing from the gpu after all.

  • Thanks newt i’ll give it a go.

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