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  • Mobile Screens are getting bigger but their native webview is not very good in handling native games exported with c3, i have always experienced laggy game play on low & medium price range devices on even small games made with c3.

    As Graphic design plays a big role in memory management and can affect performance greatly. Thus games design need to be as optimized as possible for it to not lag.

    For example, i have made a game with layout/viewport size of 700x1400p considering trend of large mobile screens and 2:1 aspect ratio. All graphics are designed exactly for the same screen size (no upscaling or downscaling).

    I am wondering if i have used larger layout than required causing lag in performance. Also i am confused between mobile resolution and viweport sizes as they differ widely in size.

    Can someone explain the concept of resolution and viewport of mobile screens and which on should be considered while designing layout size and its graphics.

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  • The viewport size probably won't actually affect performance - if it's letterboxing to the size of the device's screen, it still has to draw the same number of pixels, regardless of the viewport size.

    It's probably more important to pick an aspect ratio that matches the target devices.

  • Ashley

    i am not saying the viweport size in itself will cause a performance lag, when i say the size affects performance i mean for example if i design my game for 700x1400 layout size then i need a background sprite of size 700x1400, simillarly if i design my game for say 400x800 layout size then i will need a sprite of size 400x800..... then technically wouldn't the second one would be lighter on memory and better in performance?

    Trending screen sizes are given below, as you can see the viewport sizes and pixel sizes(resolutions) are widely different from each other,

    Now, Lets say i want to deign my graphic size exactly for "Nexus 6p device"(first in list) so that my graphics would not need to scale up(lose quality) or scale down(unnecessary memory used) when running on the device, i am confused if i should design for ?

    viewport size or pixel size (resolution)

    412 x 732 or 1440 x 2560

  • Memory use does not directly affect performance. It's a separate measurement.

  • Memory use does not directly affect performance. It's a separate measurement.

    Good to know that!

    Although i would still like to know the right size to design for...

    viewport or pixel size? (as shown in the table)

  • The pixel size is the actual physical size of the display, so if you want to design artwork that will look good on those screens, use the pixel size.

  • Okay...Thank you very much!

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