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  • So back in a day I bought and used Construct 2 for some small personal test projects. Now Im using Unity, got really in to gamedev, published couple games on Google Play Store. One is actually doing quite good without any promotion, on his own. Anyway, I really would like to go back to 2D and I know I can use Unity for that also, but... Im very nostalgic about Construct. I felt really good while using it, it was really fun. So my questions are - how smooth the process is of creating builds for Android, also implementing AdMob ads in to your project? Also from your experience good people, hows the performance on mobile?

    Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. Im really considering Construct 3 now. Unity is great, but its a little too big, I feel like its an overkill for my small ideas.


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  • Compared to C2 it is like a dream. Very easy setup now with C3

  • Compared to C2 it is like a dream. Very easy setup now with C3

    Nice, really happy to hear this. Thank you for answering my question.

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