(Resolved) Issues after importing C2 game to C3 ?

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  • As I intend to move to C3 in the future I am testing every C3 release for compatibility by importing and running my (in work) C2 game.

    Since C3 r52 (TBC) I have had been unable to run my game,

    the game imports without issue but when running I am getting a "rasterised" and stretched first screen then nothing works.

    I have been trying to recreate this directly in C3 without luck. And have spent hours deleting stuff from the C2 project to identity what is causing but no joy. I think it may be to do with additive or tinted layers (as if I try an earlier iteration without the tinted , additive layers all works well) but cannot confirm this as removing them directly from the latest C2 file does not solve the problem.

    I will continue to investigate but I was just wondering if anyone else has had any game breaking issues after importing to C3 from C2?


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  • Resolved in 55

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