Request to return "Disable" to top Right Click Menu as previous.

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  • DevS

    In a recent update the "Disable" button has been buried under a "Toggle" sub menu which now makes it a 3 click operation to disable actions instead of the previous two when it was on the right click contextual main menu.

    It is an extremely useful feature and I cant be the only one that uses it almost all the time, much more than any other right click contextual action.

    Please can you consider moving it back to the main contextual menu. I've tried to get used to it. But those three clicks make it so grating after it was so efficiently placed before.

  • I haven't moved to C3 yet (but probably will soon)...

    I use disable ALL THE TIME too when debugging. It is pretty much the only time I use that menu - every thing else on there I use keyboard shortcuts.

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  • Isn't it even quicker to use the D keyboard shortcut?

  • I never knew 'D' was the hot key? honestly I never looked.. but that will make things a lot easier thanks!

  • Isn't it even quicker to use the D keyboard shortcut?

    I suppose it might be....

    but that would require taking my hand off the mouse and pressing d

    or... you are not actually suggesting i use my other hand?

    I thought the whole point of Construct 3 was to be able to develop games with one hand? :)

  • A middle ground (pun intended) could be middle click to toggle?

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