Render Cells WTF on Some Computers

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  • I can't report this as a bug because Ashley will just close it without investigation since there's no way I can provide instructions to reproduce this. It depends entirely on the graphics card where if you turn on render cells, on some computers even with GPU blacklist it does this glitch-fest. I figured I should at least make people aware this is an issue. I can't reproduce it on my computer, but on someone else's who has constant issues, issues which I can't reproduce with the game in question, this happens 110% of the time.

    For anyone terribly unfamiliar with C3, there is no way you can crop sprite objects in the way the face pictures were cut off. So there is absolutely no way this is something I did wrong or my fault.

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  • Looks like it may be a problem with video drivers. I'm not saying this isn't a bug, but updating video drivers will probably fix this.

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