Any way to use a remote preview URL in NWJS?

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  • Ayy,

    I have a Nwjs-heavy project, and I have been using the NWJS C3 to work on my project, which has been working very well for me, but I'm getting very unpredictable crashes as of recent months.

    The crashes cause C3 to never open again in NWJS (c3 silently closes on startup) until I delete construct3 in the appdata folder to repair it, causing me to need to install plugins again, login again, only to have the crash happen again randomly (sometimes the crash happens immediately again after clearing my appdata and logging back in, even without third party plugins installed).

    The crashes occur when a popup window is created, whether it is within the project (e.g. Popup the "Find" bar) or when clicking preview. The crash is a silent crash that just closes all of NWJS without giving me a chance to save. I don't have enough info for a bug report, and I also don't know if Scirra would be able to do much about nwjs specific issues. As you can imagine, it's really frustrating to use NWJS in this manner.

    Sooo, as Scirra intends C3 to be used in Chrome, and I do not get this crash in chrome, I was thinking, is there a way to load remote preview URL in NWJS? So then I can use C3 in Chrome, but test the project in NWJS.

    I understand that I'd need to update the package.nw with the newly generated remote URL each time I use Construct 3, but that's absolutely fine by me. I just want stability and no silent crashes.

    I tried installing nwjs, taking a package.nw from an exported project, editing the package.nw to point to the remote preview URL, and the ran nwjs, and it loads up the "loading remote preview" window and Construct 3 seems to detect this, but once it fully loads the remote URL, nwjs goes to a black screen.

    Any hints or tips on what to do would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Yeah, that's what Remote Preview for NW.js is for.

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  • Yeah, that's what Remote Preview for NW.js is for.

    Ah amazing, thank you! I should have read that entire thread, I assumed it was all about using C3 in NWJS rather than having only the preview in NWJS.

    I'll try it out later!

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