Remote Preview Issue (Reloads first Layout)

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  • I have two layout:

    1_ Splash screen

    2_ Select Character

    3_ Game

    When Construct loads in Remote Preview mode (on iPhone), It shows 1 propoerly then after 2 seconds goes to 2 properly, but when I hit PLAY button (in layout 2), it recycles back to the 1 and then 2, but wont go to 3.

    Note: It only does this when previewing remotely on Phone - playing and testing in browser works fine - no issues.

    The only thing I can think of is I have a GLOBAL event sheet that I "include" in layout 3. This means I have a ON START OF LAYOUT in both event sheets - "global events" and "game events"...

    It is hit and miss. I restarted browser, flushed cache, and then it worked fine via remote. Then the issue started again. I repeated restart and flush, but this time the issue persisted.

    It's basically flakey?

    Any thoughts?

  • Probably an issue with your events, lets see them

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  • On the iPhone, the safari browser presents error as "A problem repeatedly occurred on "".

    Not sure if this helps or means anything for guidance?

    I will troubleshoot a bit more before sharing my sheets only because it is quite extensive and I don't want to ask that of anyone, yet :-) ... Let me see what I can find...

    Thank you and stay tuned...

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