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  • We just want to know when will the steam plugin and other plugins(mobile) will be implemented on C3.I know you guys are busy but as a customer and a subscriber for C3 we really need to know about it.We really don't need when will be the exact date what we really need is an estimated time.

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  • : You should go look in the dedicated forum that already contains the answers to your question :

  • I already done that . What I mean is Scirra should announce or give us a notice regarding this features because I notice that some of the behavior/ plugins are already implemented especially plugins regarding mobile development(IAP,Google Play,Admob etc.) but none of them are really working right now some of us already make a project using C3 or transfer C2 project to C3 but can't finish it. Construct is really great game development software and really respect it we know it's on beta but my suggestion is you should announce to us which is working and which is currently not because some of us already subscribe to C3. As they say Time is Ticking.

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