referencing IID in expression no longer working?

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  • I'm not sure if it's just my brain falling apart but I can't seem to reference object IID's inside expressions anymore.

    Using the expressions: object(0).X & object(1).X returns the same value (IID#0.X) for each.

    Also, after putting the IID in the editor will not suggest expressions after the full stop.


  • Working fine here, you can reference it unpicked by the index Sprite(0).X, or the IID if its picked Sprite(Sprite.IID).X

  • Yeah it ended up that it was my brain and I just needed to wait 0 as the second object had just been created. However, the issue with the editor not suggesting relevant expressions after adding the IID is a thing. Not sure if it is by design but I can't see the benefit if it was.


    You type "object." and are presented with a list that only contains valid expressions related to that object.

    You type "object(0)." and and aren't presented with any valid expressions.

    Just a UX issue.

  • Ahh, I guess the system can't find anything for the expanded expression since it can be an indirect reference.

  • Brackets can't be used in object names, and prior to a full stop in an expression there is only ever the object name, so I think the editor should be able to parse the text once a full stop is entered to get the same functionality as an expression with no IID referenced.

    Can you think of anything else, other than the object name and IID that can be used in an expression prior to the full stop?

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  • Well you could put Self(Self.IID).X, but then again that's pointless, and I have no idea what you're needing it for.

  • That’s the only fancy thing you can do with expressions.

    From most complex


    To most simple:

  • In that case I'll file it as a bug report as it should behave consistently regardless of the object index being referenced.

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