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  • I am getting a problem in my game that only appears on the regular browser. If I test it in the preview mode of the C3, I get no error even in the Debug preview. I don't know how to do to find this error.

    These are the error messages I'm getting on:

    • Firefox

    • Safari

    I imagine that it is something related to a bad loop or something similar but I don't understand why I cannot get this error in the C3 preview window. The game runs very well in the preview mode.

    Any idea?

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  • I found the issue but I am still having problems to find other issues because the preview mode of C3 shows a different situation than a browser.

    Now I am getting the local storage value to define a string variable. When I test it on C3 preview mode the game identifies this value but when I try in the regular browser, the result is NAN for this same value. I really don't understand that.

    I am using Opera to edit the file in C3 and I have tested the game on Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

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