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  • Hello;

    In C3 I am getting this error when I call recreatInitialObjects when I have a container

    but the error goes away when I remove the second object from my container making it no longer a container. I tried to reproduce the problem stand alone but I can't. If I see this error does it

    mean there is an error somewhere beyond my control for sure, or have I messed up someplace (since I can't reproduce the error message in a simple C3 program)?

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of undefined

    at Layer.recreateInitialObjects (layer.js:266)

    at Layout.recreateInitialObjects (layout.js:558)

    at cr.system_object.SysActs.RecreateInitialObjects (system.js:2183)

    at Action.run_system (eveng.js:1765)

    at EventBlock.run_actions_and_subevents (eveng.js:947)

    at (eveng.js:904)

    at EventBlock.run_subevents (eveng.js:1012)

    at EventBlock.run_actions_and_subevents (eveng.js:951)

    at (eveng.js:904)

    at EventBlock.run_subevents (eveng.js:1012)

    Don't waste alot of time on this, I am just wondering if the fact I an getting this message at all means an error is not properly trapped (and should give me some other message). I am using the old C3, the one that comes from c2, not the new beta C3 engine. I guess I will try it in that engine next.




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