Is there a reason we can't remove audio effects individually?

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  • As the title says.

    Let's say my player jumps in water so I give its sounds a low-pass filter effect...but my player is also in a large cave so I give its sounds a delay effect as well.

    My player then jumps out of the water aaaaand...I can only remove all the effects, not just the low-pass filter from the water.

    I suppose I could just reapply the delay from the large cave every time my player exits the water but that's not applicable for all cases and I think that would cause a "judder" in the delay effect anyway.

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  • I'm not sure if I am having the same issue. My motor bike will cut IDOL sound and start to leave the area, but it wilkl cut all IDOL sounds for all motorbikes so I have to add a variable number to each created sound.

    Later if i want to cut all the sounds I will do a loop that goes through them all

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