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  • I'm having this weird issue with HTML5 exports failing, I haven't filed a bug report because it's hard to replicate. It only fails on a larger c3p project which is around 60mb, this is with Deduplicate images/Recompress/Minify all checked. It'very random, sometimes it never fails and sometimes it fails multiple times a day. One of these three solutions always fixes it, but again it's random on which one fixes it, I always either have to reload C3 in the tab it's in, close/reopen Chrome then reopen C3 or do a system restart then reload C3. It always fails during the re compressing images stage of export, and it never happens with any of my other projects that are much smaller at <20mb. Not sure if it's related to the larger file size, it's a bug with C3, a bug with Chrome or something else.

    Anyone else having this problem or know what could be causing the failed exports?

  • Are there any errors logged in the browser console?

  • Ashley , no errors in Chrome console.

  • Hello;

    I have the same problem and I always start over from scratch to solve it. I check the three (minify etc, too). It seems if you save the cp3 file to disk (not to browser) before you do the export build you have less trouble--but this is not a for certain.

    Because I could not duplicate the problem I didn't submit a bug report.



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  • Weird Yesterday I been experiencing this exact problem but with C2 after I update to the last beta R261

    I find it weird because I was just trying to Preview the Game and not exporting it so It couldn't load the Game and it was displaying the Error "HTML5 exports failing" which I found it very strange because I wasn't exporting anything just previewing, I'm not sure if this is related to this thread though.

    I had like 5 Capx projects open but the Preview problem it was just affecting one of them only

    ho yeah apart from "HTML5 exports failing" it was saying something about js Missing, I should have taken a Picture to post it here

  • This thread is about C3, not C2. Any export issues in C2 will be a separate issue.

  • This thread is about C3, not C2. Any export issues in C2 will be a separate issue.

    Ok cool, I thought that it may it could be related and help investigate the problem but now that I read the twg comment again I think I misread the Part where he says "HTML5 exports failing" he wasn't axially talking about an Error log with "HTML5 exports failing" like in my case that I got the error Log with the exact same words "HTML5 exports failing" that's why I linked both issues as both c3 & c2 uses the same engine

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