RAM heavy games on mobiles?

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  • Any thoughts/experience with RAM heavy games on mobiles. I have a few phones I can test on, but I am beginning to wonder since one of my latest games has actually reached 1GB ( 999mb to be precise ) according to Construct's estimate.

    Gameplay seems fine, but I notice a 2-3 second delay while it loads the main layout ( it should go from intro to main part in less than a second using fades ). I know it is the RAM issue, because I tried quite a few things to figure it out. But other than that no actual problems so far.

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  • You can find more information about that topic in this post


  • Yeah, exporting the same game with Construct 3 made it not work even on my Galaxy with 3GB of RAM, so I guess that export was using even more RAM, as suggested by that thread.

    In case anybody else runs into this, I solved it by going through all images and cropping them. Did save quite a bit and now it runs on iPhone 6 and 7, where it was crashing before.

    Just to clarify this is not the actual mobile app, this is HTML 5 export running on mobiles.

    So if your game is over 500 MB in RAM ( according to debugger ) and crashes on mobiles, check that first. Error you get doesn't really tell you anything other than the obvious which is that something went wrong

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