The use of RAM in C3 much more than in C2

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  • Use C3 to update all my C2 games, but the use of RAM is multiplied by 3.

    Just change code, the sprites are the same.

    I think I found the answer to the problem.

    In one of my games C2 generates 532 Spritesheet, C3 only 167.

    C2 only loads the necessary sprite sheet into memory, C3 loads many sprit sheets with unnecessary sprites.

    Against bigger is my game, more memory needs in phases that are finished long ago.

    This is a huge problem for big-size games.

    In this example you can see how C3 loads a Spritesheet 2048x2048 in the 20 fases that poses the game, The more sprites you have, the more Spritesheet you need to load in all fases of the game.

    Sorry for my English... is very bad...

  • If its C2 532 Spritesheet vs C3 only 167. Then c2 should cause more peformance loss, pulling/using sprite from different spritesheets have huge impact, depending how you arrange images in your project.

    C3 should still peform better, ofc if you use some kind spritesheet layouts etc, then its like lottery from how many different spritesheets you pull images or how c3 spritesheeted them. You could possible use, any given time, 40 spritesheet on c2 vs 80 in c3, and easily have that high impact.

  • Order all sprites in their folder, the game needs less memory, but it is still much higher than C2.

    I may not understand his, my English is very bad :p

  • This is a sample of how bad C3 uses memory.

    The sprites of the levels are in different folders, but C3 creates groups that lose a lot of memory.

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  • I decided to increase x2 the size of my sprites, and the result... the game needs less memory...

    That shows how badly it manages C3 memory, this seems a joke, but projects with many sprites can not run on phones with less than 4g memory.


    After increasing the size of the sprites

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