R24 no longer load on my windows machine

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  • I tried launching construct 3 on my windows 10 machine, which is a newer laptop, since I saw that there was another update, R24. But when I launch I get an error message that webgl is not enabled or I need to update my drivers. This was working on the previous release.

    I ran windows update and there were no updates. I went into device manager and I did install driver updates for my graphics adapters, but I still get the same error.

    Oops! WebGL is not supported.

    WebGL provides high-performance graphics for web apps. Construct 3 needs WebGL support to run, but this browser does not appear to support WebGL.

    Try installing any available system updates, and check for an update for your graphics driver. Alternatively if you have access to a newer device try using that.

    Any ideas ?

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  • Check that WebGL is enabled or not in your browser.

  • You could try again later - Chrome on Windows is supposed to have a software-rendered WebGL implementation, which is slow but at least works. I think it's downloaded in the background the first time you need to use WebGL so it might not be immediately available.

    As a last ditch effort you can enable "override software rendering list" in chrome://flags, but since your graphics driver is known to be unstable, it could cause crashes or glitches.

  • Try to follow this, it helped me especially the last part for Forcing WebGL usage.


  • Just as a follow up. I still couldn't get C3 to recognize webgl and chrome had it listed as unavailable. I then used Microsofts' edge browser and went to the webgl page https://get.webgl.org/ and it worked fine in edge, displaying a rotating cube.

    After a little digging I found if I went into the properties of my chrome link and set it into windows 8 compatibility mode, chrome recognized webgl and C3 worked. If I took it out of compatibility mode, then chrome couldn't detect webgl.

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