r182 cannot save project to cloud with added graphics

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  • Since the update r182 whenever I add graphics to my project, f.e. an additional sprites, it will not save to cloud.

    It stops at 98% (or less if I add more) then nothing for 10 or 20 seconds and finally: "Unknown error while saving xxxx to Dropbox"

    Or to Onedrive or to Gdrive doesn't matter. Local storage works fine as well as download local copy.

    If I remove the added graphics and save to cloud then 100% succesfull. But I wasn't ready with the project by far ;-)

    Reboot does not help, firefox/chrome no difference..

    What can be the cause? Please help.


  • have you tried to temporary disable the antivirus to see if it is the cause?

  • I just tried saving to Dropbox and it worked fine. Also saving has nothing to do with the content of your project - it's essentially uploading a zip - so it would be weird if the contents of that zip had anything to do with the upload process. Try pressing F12 and seeing if there are any extra error messages logged to the console.

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  • Might be worth checking if you actually have enough space to save the file to your cloud storage?

  • Thank you all for your kind replies, tried all the suggestions ofcourse. I guess it must be my Firefox/Windows system acting strange. Just tried on a Mac, same file, actions and dropbox, no problems.

    Sorry for connecting the wrong dots ;-)

    I'm trying several things to fix it, chrome works again, FireFox still won't let me save a larger project over the previous one. I think I will choose to reinstall FF (it's so much faster executing CS3 games on my system). Will figure it out.

    Again thanks for your time, but it was indeed not CS3 related.

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