"Set effect" applies to class/object type and not instance?

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  • Hi

    I don't know if this is an error from my side, working as intended or a bug in construct 3.

    I've created this simple example with one sprite that has the effect "SetColor". When I set the effect parameter it applies to all instances and not the instance just created, which I would expect. I also change the sprite angle and that works as intended on the new instance.

    Is this me misunderstanding something or is it a bug?


    • Every second call CreateBox()
    • On CreateBox()

    -- Create Sprite instance at random position

    -- Set angle to random (Works on instance level - changes only the instance just created)

    -- Set effect "SetColor" to random color (Works on class level - changes all instances)

    C3 project file: Dropbox link

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