Can we have "early bird one time purhase special" for C3 ?

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  • I know that Scirra is going rental and there is nothing we can do to stop it and we don't know what this means in the future for construct 3.

    Alright, all that melo drama stuff aside.

    You have a HUGE construct 2 PAID developer base.

    You know ? The people who get you to where you are now ? Remember these people who bought your stuff, supported you and preach your software to others ?

    I am part of a school that formed Modules around Construct 2 and brought many early students to your software and have been doing it for years and STILL IS doing it now.

    I was the one who suggested and kick started your software's entry into our school's game programming module.

    How about this Scirra, a ONE TIME ONLY special, how about this, just this ONE TIME, a one time only special.

    Allow the people who have always been there preaching your software to others and supported your software for years, how about letting us, just us, this ONE TIME.

    Just this ONE TIME, have a perpatual license of Construct 3 ?

    Just us, if you want to screw the rest of your future user that's your business. remember us...we were there at the beginning with you, we promise we wouldn't tell the rest of the world.

  • I think they got some kind of deal for users upgrading from C2, don't they? Not like a one time paid forever kind of thing, but a temporary discount to start with.

    edit: Here it is!

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  • Not a temporary discount into ever lasting lock-in hell.

    I am asking for a one time ONE TIME ONLY, just this one time.

    Allow the early supporters a chance to get a perpetual license, just this ONE TIME.

    Whatever happen next to their license, I just don't care.

  • Everlasting lock-in hell sounds like a pretty great bullet hell title.

    But, I dunno brotha! Only time will tell what sort of model the C3 may take on in the future! For now I think they probably have their hearts set on what they got.

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