Quick Check - is this normal (Having template type sprites off screen)?

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  • Hi,

    I often have sprites, particle emitters and spriter animations 'off screen' like shown in the screenshot below.

    The reason is so they'll remember their settings for behaviours like sine, rotate. And so they'll remember their WxH settings.

    Is this the correct way to do this? Or is it better practice to bring them in programatically and set various settings in actions?



  • Create a layout called object dumb and then have a global layer with all these objects on that you have on both screens.

    Check this out:


    -- Jerementor uses a global layer

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  • The common practice is to store such objects on a separate unused layout, as LaurenceBedford suggested. They don't need to be on a global layer though. If you add a global layer with all these objects to your main game layout, you will end up with the same mess you have on your screenshot. So the idea is that you create such objects (like explosions etc.) only when needed and keep your layout nice and tidy.

  • Thanks guys!

    I've gone from the above to this:

    By using a separate layout for all the bits

    I hadn't realised objects put on one layout could be used on another in this way.



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