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  • Hello All,

    As I'm still learning Construct 3 while making my first game, every session is getting more and more interesting and this wonderful community helps me in many issues, so thanks everyone!

    Now for my Questions:

    1 - Let's say I imported sounds, or graphics for sprites, but I didn't use some of them and forgot about them, is there a way to do automatic: "unused files" clean.

    This is how I work on some DAW and Animation software for years it keeps the files smaller and cleaner, so I had to ask if there is something like that in C3.

    2 - Once my demo will be ready, Will the .exe export (NW.js) create different directories / versions for each platform? Windows, MacOS and Linux? or is it a ONE .exe for all?

    3 - Let's say (in the far away future) I'm ready to publish my game to Steam or any other service.

    But then I found out that I need to fix bugs every now and then, more than once.

    Is there a Patch-Plugin or Export feature to make a Patch? or when I make a NEW version and Steam users will get automatically update?

    4 - Continue to the version Patch-Question above: Will users lose their saved files / saved progress or any saved data with every update?

    When I used ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 before I moved to C3, they had a light software that creates ONLY the small amount of the changes and compile a specific PATCH.exe light file instead of the ALL FULL FILE again. so I wonder how it works in C3 when it comes to updates and patches versions.

    5 - Can someone who already published a game to Steam please share the experience? was it complicated, was it easy? how was the "deal" between Steam and yourself, did they negotiate on a percentage or was it rigged as soon as you Paid the 100$ on the "Steam Direct" plan that replaced the old Greenlight?

    Since I have no idea how it works with C3 I hope that someone can explain how these things are working because I'm curious about it.

    Sorry about my bad English and thanks ahead and have a wonderful weekend! :)

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  • 1. Not automatically. You can right click on an image and choose "find all references", to see if it has been used.

    2. Yes, seperate directories.

    3. I think steam has a tool that only uploads changed files. So that you do not have to upload the complete game. I do not have a lot of experience with steam yet.

    4. I think there are several ways to save data and they do not automatically get lost when you update your game.

    5. Steam: Valve always gets 30%, as far as I know. The process: pay 100 usd, then use the website to upload images, trailers and texts your game. It takes some time to read and fill out everything. Uploading the game was tricky, since the video tutorial from Steam was based on an older version of the software, so I had to use the manual. Steam will check if your game complies to their rules.

    I also like and gamejolt a lot. They take a much smaller cut, even allows a 0% cut...

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