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  • So on Android I have noticed a few things when i am at work and want to quickly prototype something.

    1. First cloud access resets the editor.

    by which i mean if i open construct on any given day, bash out a quick prototype and then hit save, it trys first to cloud save and after opening the pop up to verify one drive access the editor restarts and everything is lost. Only way i get around it at the moment is to open from cloud first then close project and then start new project. Any one else get this or found a way around it.

    2. Adding existing objects to Layout.

    Now this one is probably just me but i cant seem to figure out how to grab an object from the project bar and drag it into the layout, adding new objects, no problem, copy and paste existing objects in layout, no problem. any help on this one?

    3 was going to be the back button but this is now fixed and am greatly appreciative of that,

    any help or suggestions on the above welcomed, thanks

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  • AuShadow for #1 on my test device the popup window doesn't cause the editor window to close. I expect chrome is closing the main tab to reduce memory usage...

    Best work around I can suggest is to save to the local browser storage first so that you at least have a saved copy before you try to authenticate a cloud service. The other suggestion I can give is that I believe access tokens on dropbox don't expire unless revoked by the user, so you would only have to authenticate once.

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