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  • I've used Construct 2 for a long time and am considering upgrading to a paid subscription to Construct 3. This comment in your FAQ gives me pause:

    Note that if you purchase a subscription and work offline, you must start Construct 3 while connected to the Internet at least once every 7 days to re-validate your subscription.

    What happens if I am unable to connect within 7 days? Would I have to purchase another license?

    I often take long breaks and am very concerned I would have to "re-purchase" if I forgot to connect. I tend to work obsessively for a month or two, then not at all.

  • What happens if I am unable to connect within 7 days?

    It will revert back to the free edition until you go online again. There's no need to purchase again! Your subscription is good until the end date and nothing is going to suddenly cancel it for you.

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  • Thank you for your reply!

    You might want to change how that's worded. It does imply that you HAVE to log in every 7 days.

    Your clarification is much appreciated!

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